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reblog to save a life


reblog to save a life


The sass is real

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Anonymous asked:
"can you make one about mikey meeting your parents for the first time and being kinda nervous??"


Michael was nervous solely because of his outward appearance and his occupation. As, per popular movies and cliche’s, parents in general weren’t really fond of eyebrow piercings or ear piercings and brightly colored hair and ripped skinny jeans and ripped back t-shirts on a guy who played guitar in a band that traveled constantly and often had very untrue rumors swirling around it in which they couldn’t exactly deny every single one. And he’s literally shaking as he tries to button up his flannel in front of the mirror and he’s got his hair styled like Harry Styles in the Best Song Ever music video and those dress pants he wore for the Target video and you’re strolling out of the bathroom from blow drying your hair and you nearly double over in laughter with the words, “What the fuck are you wearing?” And he’s just biting his lip as he turns to prepare an answer but he’s met with his favorite pair of jeans and a crewneck with some band on it with his black converse stacked on top and as he gently takes the possessions from you, you’re stretching up on your toes to toss his hair back to it’s normal style and you’re ripping the bandages off of his eyebrow and ears and you all but have to drag him into your parents house in which his palm is sweating against yours and he seems a bit pale and his words are all stuttery but your mom manages to get past his exterior and your dad bonds with him over something manly and yeah he just had nothing to be worried about in the first place.




They are ruining marriage, by setting the bar WAY too high. 

Perfect couple is perfect.

Perfectly perfect perfection.

Actual footage of gays destroying America

Thar last one is insane


this is actually low key one of my favorite keeks

muke and cashton were always the thing 

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REMEMBER the day the music video of Try Hard came out and we finally had a studio version and everyone was screenshotting hilarious rollercoaster faces and the boys all changed their icons to unattractive photos of themselves and michael looked so scared we were all laughing at him and WOW TAKE ME BACK

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Alex and his dogs, this all makes me really happy

I fucking love Ashton Irwin